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Dear Robert,

Thank you so much for joining us on the program  with “Schultz”. What a sweet and adorable dog, he completely won our hearts. We hope you had fun on the show. thanks again,

All the best, Leeza Gibbons

We were lucky to find Robert a month before our trip overseas. We had a 4 month old G.S. puppy (Duncan) and a 4 yr old (Saba) with some bad habits. Putting themIMG_0248 in a kennel was out of the question and having them trained while we were gone was a great idea. When we returned 3 weeks later our dogs were very well trained and our home was perfectly looked after. The best part was the puppy no longer was pooing inside or even outside on the patio, Robert had them both using the toilet on the side of the house. Robert is always there if we have any questions and we have since recommended him to others.

Thanks again Robert

Nick and George –  Byron Bay, Australia



Robert, Thanks for being on the show, all the best” David Letterman –Late Night — New York

“The guy flies out here from California and you almost smashed the dog with the chair” David Letterman says to a stage hand.

To whom it may concern,

20081129160207_CaptureRobert has an uncanny ability to communicate with dogs.  Over the past 12 years he has trained all of our dogs, large and small, with mind blowing success.  Most recently he proved himself a true genius with our deaf boxer, Sasha.  She is one of four dogs we currently have.  The rescue organization from which we got her was not aware that she was completely deaf, thinking she was simply unruly.  We quickly called on Rob’s expertise, yet again.  In his typical gentle style he worked his magic. He transformed Sasha’s behavior and taught my family how to successfully communicate with her.  We’re a family that loves dogs and we love Robert for the tender, caring, amazing manner he has demonstrated with our pets.

— David Oppenheim & Family–  Calabasas, California


My 12 year old dog Nickie needed to learn how to use a simulated dog toilet, called a Pet Loo, for a week I tried to get her to use it, but she didnt like it.  I got Roberts number from my Veterinarian and on his first visit he got Nickie to use the pet loo, I was amazed.  I needed to go away for several days so I had Robert Stay at my home to finish training her.  I believe in his work and would use him again if I had to start over.

Judy Angus – Brisbane, Australia


Our dog “Ice” a 15 month Weimaraner,  has finally become a great dog. We owe his good behavior predominantly to Robert.

We needed major help with his behavioral issues like, barking during the day, jumping on people, chewing our things around the house, escaping from the yard and not coming when called. We got Roberts number from our Veterinarian and after just a few lessons with Robert, we were able to focus Ice’s attention onto his own stuff, not ours. The escaping from the yard stopped, he hasn’t been jumping on people, he now doesn’t run away and is coming when called.  All of Roberts help has made our home far less stressed.

Thank you to Robert for making our family a happier one- that is all of us, including Ice!

-Dr David Engel and Sally Engel-   Coolangatta, Australia

My need for exercise resulted in the acquisition of Eddy, a Cocker Spaniel pup.  Now whilst Eddy is just adorable he also was possibly the worst behaved dog in20100516233147_Capture Australia, I would like to say the World but I don’t wish to exaggerate too much.

This is where Robert came in; I think we found his contact details at our vet’s after Eddy had graduated from Puppy School. At this time Eddy had eaten both our remotes for the TV, one of my wife’s wrist watches, several pairs of shoes, and two pairs of prescription glasses….. He would poo and or wee where ever and when ever the moment arose usually on carpet.  Walking with Eddy was a fight all the way, he wouldn’t come back off the lead, he was nothing short of a monster.  In fact we had seriously considered finding him another home.

Robert has been working with Eddy for about 10 sessions now including a 3 day stay in our house. I am very happy to report that Eddy is 90% improved. He won’t cross roads without permission, sits, stays, drops, comes on command and is housebroken.

Robert  has achieved all this with patience, persistence and a gentle understanding of dogs. As my health deteriorates I will now have companion dog that is well mannered and obeys voice commands.

Thank you Robert.  -Leo and Christine Peek-   Tweed Heads. Australia


20100921185430_CaptureRobert has been helping me train my dog Wags , and the transformation has been amazing. My dog used to scream and pull me on the leash whenever another dog walked by and now he can sit and stay when they pass. I now can trust Wags off leash, this is important because he needs a lot of exercise. When I’m busy at my job, it’s great that Robert takes wags out for a training and exercise session.  I recommend Robert to anyone.

Darrell Mcintyre & Wags-  Coolangatta, Australia


My five month old Kelpie Cross was, amongst other things, play attacking me each time we walked.  As she grew in strength, my arms and legs were red from scratches.20100728223855_Capture_1 In tears one day, someone on the beach suggested Malibu Dog Training.  The said they had seen two Alsatian dog’s behaviour transformed by Robert Dollwet, the trainer.  I was a bit sceptical – what would an American know about an Australian Kelpie Cross. But in desperation and after one day’s test training and a huge improvement, I asked Robert to come back.  Robert has transformed my kelpie into the beautiful dog she is today. I am no longer scratched and bleeding but have a puppy so beautifully trained that she only chews her toys (which she can put away!).  People compliment me on my well behaved gorgeous dog which of course was due to  Robert’s amazing training. I took a holiday while Robert lived in my house and I came home to a well kept house and a well behaved puppy.  Robert has been generous with his time and his advice ever since and he is scrupulously honest.  My dog adores him and why not, Robert actually knows what makes dogs tick – he gives them loads of love and attention and turns around unwanted behaviours – I would strongly recommend him as the wonderful trainer he is.

Maggie Verco – Byron Bay, Australia


magic no robt“Our female red heeler puppy ‘Magic’ had fear aggression problems right from the age of 10 weeks when we first got her.  She really disliked other adults and children, and would not let anyone pat her except for the two of us.  She would growl and nip at anyone who came near her and it became increasingly difficult to take her out in public.  One vet and another dog trainer suggested we think about putting her down.  As we had already become quite attached to her, the thought of putting her down was somewhat distressing.  In sheer desperation we hired Robert to see if he could help Magic over come her problem.  We went on holidays for a fortnight and returned to a totally different dog.  Thanks to Robert, Magic now loves to play with all the kids in the neighbourhood and takes pats from everyone without growling or biting.  Robert also taught her to sit, drop, stay and walk on a lead without pulling, and not to mention, jumping through hoops.  Robert has truly done wonders with Magic.  We highly recommend Robert to every dog owner.”

Mannie and Melissa Soares – Tweed Heads,  Australia
Hamish was a very bad dog. He could not be trusted off lead, would pull terribly when on lead and if he saw other dogs, he would pull you off your feet. When allowed to socialize with other dogs, he would hump them so much it would start a fight.
After speaking to our vet we contacted Robert at Malibu Dog Training. All we can say is he knows his stuff. In such a short time he has transformed Hamish’s behaviour. We now have a happy and sociable dog. Robert has really done a fantastic job with him. Here he is playing with other dogs:
Shelly and Martin –  Banora Point, Australia
We have a 2-year-old Rhodesian Ridgeback, Bess, who had been very timid since the first day we got her as an 8 week old pup.  She would cower when strangers came near her, at times even yelp with fear.  I have owned large and small dogs for 40 years, and despite Puppy School at the vets and Dog Training Sessions, the improvement was very very slow.  Then the dog trainer moved interstate, so in desperation I searched for a dog trainer on the internet and found Robert.  Within one lesson she was so much easier to take on walks.  Then Robert had her to stay with him for 6 days, and she came home a different dog.  Strangers could actually pat her without her shrinking away from them. Children can play next to her.  And an added bonus is that she doesn’t even need her “electric collar” on anymore.  She used to be able to jump our fences with the greatest of ease, so we had to get an electric fencing system installed.  But after returning from Robert’s place, I noticed if I left her collar off, she no longer attempted to jump the fences.  And now we don’t even need to shut the driveway gate.  So no more electric collars for Bess!   Thank you so much Robert.  I would recommend anyone who gets a dog to have Robert start training them from day one.  Both you and your dog will be so much happier!
Wendy Dubber
Tweed Heads, NSW Australia
Nikki PlantecRobert,
My family and I are delighted with the results of your training our Malamute Nikkela. As you know I was completely frustrated in trying to train her. I’m an experienced dog person, but never run across this particular breeds tenacity. She is controllable now, and amazingly more loveable.
Keep up the good work and feel free to use us as a reference.

Yours truly,

Peter Plantec and family — Malibu, California

Dear Robert,

We are so delighted with our Rottweiler (Doushka) and the training you did,we want to again say thank you, THANK YOU! and please use us as a reference.

Douglas Strock–Malibu California

Hi Robert

I can’t begin to thank you enough for the wonderful technique you have in training my beautiful Mischka.  What a blessing you are Robert. You walk into my home and have my dog mesmerized to do what you tell her. After your first visit Mischka (and I the human) had already learned so much. Mischka is smart and learns quickly.

You have made such a difference in our lives. Before your training, it was a little frustrating to have Mischka on the lead as she would be so excited and pull on the lead. What I appreciate and respect  so much,  is that your technique is just so easy and when practiced daily  we get the rewards of a well behaved dog.

Just a little thought for anyone who may read my testimonial here – for anyone who may be searching for a good trainer, my advice would be to look no further, because  Robert is the best. I found Robert through my trusted vet and I am so happy I took the advice.

My little dog was always a great little pup, but now  with this expert training she is growing into an obedient adorable dog.

Mischka and I thank you so much.

Sharyn  and Mischka Lappe’

Tweed Heads, Australia

I just want to THANK all the people who have added a testimonial, It really means a lot!

Robert Dollwet