Obedience Training

Ring the bell…

2dogsrunning…and the dog salivates…
We all know that story of the Russian scientist Ivan Pavlov  who discovered that the sound of a bell could cause dogs to get excited and even salivate in anticipation to feeding time.  So why not use sound

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Behavior Problems


hounddogIf your dog is showing signs, or is fearful of noise caused by fireworks, thunder, lightning and gunfire-sounds etc. There are things you…

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Auggie's a good puppyWhen housebreaking is done correctly, puppies should eliminate only outside and in the place of your choosing. Puppies should be 100% housebroken by 10 to 12 weeks of age…

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Health And Fitness

Toilet Training a Cat

QuizBlog 4 I love cats! and yes, they can be taught things! On my “YouTube” channels I get OVER 3000 hits a day for my cat videos. One of the videos…

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Featured Products

CATMANTOO – Viral Cat Videos

I know I’m supposed to be marketing myself more as a “dog trainer” by making more dog videos, but my cat videos get 10 to 20 times more attention, besides, there are…

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Breed Topics

10 Difficult Breeds

This is just a list of dogs I’ve read about and have come to know “personally” as difficult breeds to own, It’s not a list of stupid breeds or breeds that are bad. Obviously there are…

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Can you guess who will win the race? The 5 dogs are part of my weekly Dog Outing, their “racing names” are a reflection of their owners profession. Please click on the “YouTube” link (bottom right of the video)  to watch on YouTube, so you can click the “Like” button, Subscribe and make comments. THANKS

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Facts And Myths

MYTHS AND FACTS about dogs

thumbdog1It’s amazing to me how these myths are still believed by many people, so here I am to set the record straight. Myth #7 Dogs scoot their rear end on the ground – because they have

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