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Hello, Sorry, but DUE TO THE SUCCESS OF MY CAT VIDEOS ON MY YOUTUBE and my social media accounts, I’m not taking on any new clients at this time.

I recommend going to my YouTube channel to watch what tutorials I have there, also watch Kiko pups and positive training’s tutorials.

AUSTRALIA: 044-926-3400



Private Training (Available in Australia) For all your dog’s behavioral issues and obedience problems. Done in your home or at my location at your convenience.

Housebreaking Lesson: Done at your home (for best results),  between 1-2 hour lesson- teaching you “howto” quickly house-train your puppy or older dog, and teach you “howto” modify any other behavioral problems they may have: Prices are determined case by case* (between $150 and $250). If additional lesson are needed?, They’re between$85.00 and $150.00 per visit (approx 1 hr).

Training or Behavior modification programs: For all types of behavioral issues and/or control issues: This FIRST lesson is between 1-2 hrs long; Cost between $150 – $250  During this first lesson, I’ll give you advice to help modify your dogs behavior or teach your dog obedience. If additional lessons are needed/recommended, the cost comes down to between $85 and $150 (determined case by case*) Usually my clients like to set up a weekly lesson, until all issues have been resolved.

OR – (NOT AVAILABLE ATM) I offer a “special” program where I do most of the time consuming training for you. I come to your home 3x per week for 2 to 4 weeks. Price is determined after the first lesson is complete. usually between $70 – $120 (per-lesson). Not available to some locations.

I offer discounts for all my programs if you bring your dog to my location. (*case by case) usually $60-$150

* Case by case: Prices are determined by; How many dogs you have, how far I need to travel, if aggression is involved, how many solutions to your dogs problems you want to cover in the lesson, or other reasons I determine requires a higher fee.

Please call for more information or to schedule an appointment-  Australia 04) 4926-3400

Training / House-Sitting While You’re On Holiday (Australia and international):  A seeing eye dog isn’t trained by the blind person. A professional does the training separately, then works with the person to show them how the training is kept up.  I’m your professional trainer and I can accomplish things you don’t have the time, talent or dedication to do.  The best part, your dog is trained in and around your home, while your on Holiday.  Now you can really relax while you’re on Holiday!

I will…

1. Care for your dog(s) and condition them in they’re own home. Your dog doesn’t have to be boarded (saving money) or stay with other people who aren’t 100% devoted to them as I will be.

2. Address and/or fix behavioral issues your dog may be having (Depending on the number of days I have),  such as: excessive barking, chewing, housebreaking, jumping on guests, separation anxiety, escaping out the door or yard, stealing food, submissive or dominance problems etc…

3. Train your dog basic or advance obedience, (Depending on the number of days I have), I will get your dog to understand and respond to as many commands as I can (on and/or off leash)  – like  sit, stay, down, come, go to bed, not to pull on leash or chase other animals, coming to a silent whistle  etc…

4. Trick training:  such as: speak, roll-over, chase their tail, walk backwards, go to a mark, high five, retrieve, pretty much anything you want.

5. Of course, care for your home  i.e.  security, garbage cans to the street, bring  mail or paper inside etc…

Bonus # 1: Your dog (and I) can ride with you to the airport, then pick you up using your own vehicle (saving overnight parking charges)

Bonus # 2: (For 21 days or more) I will also provide a “howto video” staring your own dog, which will help re-enforce what you’ve learned, giving you unlimited dog training lessons at your finger tips.

Bonus # 3:  Follow-up lessons included! Two (2 hour) lessons for one-week, then one-lesson for each week of training there-after.

Starting around (AUD) $1400 per week (for the first dog), rates/discounts are determined by a case by case basis. Please contact me for a quote or any further questions.  Booking a few months in advance is highly recommended.  References available.

email: or in Australia  04) 4926-3400

Dates already booked for house sitting/dog training 2014/2015:

August 25 to September 25

September 26-29

October 1 to 8th

January 5th to the 15th 2015

Dates are subject to change, contact me for questions or for bookings, even if the date you “need me” is shown above.