April 5, 2017


I guess you’ve seen my videos with both Didga and Boomer riding in my bike basket, they love it. but it wasn’t just a thing they did naturally, it took time and lots of food reinforcement to have them enjoy riding, and to stay in the basket.

Warning: to even attempt something like this you first need a well adjusted and confident cat, you’re cat should understand how to sit, stay and how to walk on leash (USE A HARNESS) and “jump up” (Tutorials for those are on my YouTube channel.) The more your cat knows, the better. but just be aware that teaching your cat to stay in the basket is a whole other thing.

Basically it looks like this (I’m assuming all the above requirements are met?)

  1. Your cat/kitten should always have on a harness with leash attached. Whenever your cat is in the basket they should be tethered to something near or on the bottom of the basket. If you look at the videos you’ll see I have a leash on the cat but you don’t see how the leash feeds through a hole near the bottom of the basket which acts as a safety measure and keeps the cats from falling/jumping out. My cats are amazing but at the end of the day, they’re still cats. Safety is our number one concern.
  2. (optional, but highly recommended, especially if you have a kitten) Put your cat/kitten inside the pet carrier and set/attach the carrier on the basket (or handle bars as long as it’s safe) don’t go far and be safe, but ride around with the cat in the pet carrier. when you can feed your cat treats, if you know your cat is hungry but not eating then you may be moving to fast in the training, you’ll need to go back to when your cat was eating the treat and work from there. don’t move to the next step until your cat is comfortable and learning.
  3. Using the same training techniques to teach “stay” first teach your cat to stay in the Basket without the bike moving
  4. Then teach the cat to stay while you slowly push the bike.
  5. Then try riding the bike normally but slowly (at first). Bring lots of training treats because for a while you’ll be feeding your cat and riding the bike at the same time (for best results). especially when near scary distractions. Until your cat has learned and is calm in the basket, stay in and around the area with the least amount of distractions
  6. When ever you want to end your ride or training session, always give your cat a treat, then always physically remove them from the basket. DON’T teach them to jump out. You don’t want them getting confused on when they can leave the basket.

Sorry but I can’t answer direct question. but keep following on FB and keep learning from the tutorials on YouTube. Thanks for any feedback you have by making a comment below, even if you just say “hello”.



Robert, Didga and Boomer