World’s Dog Trainer – Dog Star Daily

September 24, 2011

I’m so excited! A video that took me over a year to complete, is finally airing on Dr. Ian Dunbar’s Web Video series for Dog Star Daily, called “World’s Dog Trainer”.

If you don’t recognize Dr, Ian Dunbar’s name, pretty much every dog trainer around the world would; even many dog owners have at least one of his many books. He is the driving force behind “reward/science based” dog training, using lurers and motivation to teach dogs V.S. fear or dominance. This “New way” of teaching dogs was quickly adopted by top trainers some 25+ years ago.

When I saw Dr. Ian Dunbar’s email to me, I thought why would he be contacting me? especially when I’m all the way over here in Australia?

Below I pulled out some of the highlights of his email to me:

Hi there Robert

I love your website…

I am about to embark on a thoroughly exciting dog project and would very much like your help and participation. DogStarDaily is about to launch a web-based “TV Channel” dedicated entirely to dogs.  Not only is web-TV worldwide (as opposed to local and nationwide) but all the programmes are archived and therefore, never die.

I would like you to be a part of our flagship programming that comprises 26 dog trainers from all around the world. I think that the worldwide impact of this show will blast unfriendly and boring dog training back to the Middle Ages (where it belongs). I would very much like you to be a part of this programme featuring dog-friendly dog training around the world.

Basically, you would have approximately 18 minutes to present your message to dog owners worldwide plus nearly a minute to advertise your company website, services and products.  Dog Star Daily is fast becoming one of the biggest (most-trafficked) doggy websites in the world. Depending on the success of your episode (# views and ratings), we may invite you to host your own 13-episode programme.

Your segment is primarily about YOU but also I would like you to showcase your country, trying to film with unique backdrops that show off the sights of your neighbourhood and the culture.

Please let me know if you would be interested in participating. If yes, please start filming right away.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon. Let’s rock.

Ultra mega woofs to you


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